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Princess Pooch CoCo Vest

Princess Pooch CoCo Vest

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The Princess Pooch CoCo Vest is the ultimate chic and stylish accessory for your furry friend. Inspired by the iconic Chanel tweed design, this vest features a classic tweed fabric with pearl trim, giving your pooch a touch of luxury and elegance.

Perfect for special occasions or everyday wear, the CoCo Vest is made with high-quality materials and construction, ensuring a comfortable and long-lasting fit for your furry companion. The pearl trim adds a touch of glamour and sophistication, making this vest a must-have for any fashion-forward pup.

Whether you're heading out for a walk in the park or attending a fancy event, the Princess Pooch CoCo Vest is sure to turn heads and make your pooch the center of attention. So why wait? Treat your furry friend to the ultimate in style and comfort with the Princess Pooch CoCo Vest today!

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